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What happens if you intercept a 2 point conversion

So, if a team was attempting a 2-point conversion, threw an interception (or fumbled the ball for that matter), and it was returned all the way to the opposing end zone, the returning team

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When to go for two in the NFL

What happens if you intercept a two-point conversion try? A defensive team is eligible to score on an offensive two-point conversion attempt. If the offense turns the ball over,

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Explaining 2 Point Conversion Scoring in Fantasy

What happens if you intercept a 2 point conversion? Now, it gets a little trickier if it is a PAT. So, if a team was attempting a 2 - point conversion , threw an interception (or fumbled the ball for

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Eric Berrys pick-two is a phantom on stats sheet

In gridiron football, a two-point conversion or two-point convert is a play a team attempts instead of kicking a one-point conversion immediately after it scores a touchdown. In a two-point

What Happens When A 2 Point Conversion Gets Intercepted?

No, interceptions do not count on a 2 point conversion, meaning the attempt fails but even though the result of the play is an interception, no interception is recorded in the

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