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Just install it and you won't regret. As a student, Thank you for developing this app. It helped me a lot with my homework or when I study. This app is really good for math,and it has helped me since the past 3 years It was free before but when I installed it in my new phone it started using data.

Matthew McMahan

Without this I wouldn't be passing 7/8th grade math, i was struggling to get my answer with Photomath and found math app. And 'This app Plus' is available for free in the lockdown. There isnt any adds in this app so that's one of my favorite reasons why I prefer this app.

Richard Tobin

It also has books which can provide you more knowledge and it clears your concept very well, i have both this app and Photomath because both apps can't solve every problem by themselves.

Larry Lovell

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Big Numbers Addition Calculator

Addition, Sum Calculator. Online adding calculator. Calculate the sum of 2 numbers. Enter 2 numbers to add and press the = button to get the sum result: Enter first number: Enter second

Summation (Sum) Calculator


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