Walker steps dimensions

U-Step 2 Walker Specifications: Overall dimensions: 23 inches wide, 25 inches long. Seat Height: 22 inches. Seat Width: 20 inches. Turning Circle: 29 inches.

Walker Steps with Style

The standard mobility walker consists of a simple metal framework, with four adjustable legs that allow the walker to be set to the optimum height for the user. The top rail of the walker will
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Slide show: Tips for choosing and using walkers

Wheels add about one inch to the overall width of the walker. Four wheeled walkers should include brakes to make it easier to slow and stop. The most important part of owning a walker is your constant use of it. If it is too heavy

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MCIL Ramps -

78 total rise / 16 steps = 4.875 riser height or if we eliminate 5 steps (19-5 = 14) we are back at 78 / 14 = 5/57 rise per step - which was your proposal. But if we keep the individual step tread depth at 11 inches then those intermediate

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