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Furthermore, the theorem has applications in fluid mechanics and electromagnetism. We use Stokes’ theorem to derive Faraday’s law, an important result involving electric fields. Stokes’

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Stokes Theorem

Let C be the closed curve illustrated below. For F ( x, y, z) = ( y, z, x), compute ∫ C F ⋅ d s using Stokes' Theorem. Solution : Since we are given a line integral and told to use Stokes' theorem, we need to compute a surface integral ∬ S curl F ⋅ d S

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5.8: Stokes Theorem

Stokes' theorem connects to the standard gradient, curl, and divergence theorems by the following relations. If is a function on , (2) where (the dual space) is the duality

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Stokes Theorem -

In the first one, i, the four copies of the same triangle are arranged around a square with sides c. This results in the formation of a larger square with sides of length b + a, and area of (b + a) 2.

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Calculate integral applying Stokes theorem

Stokes Law Terminal Velocity Formula As per the stokes law terminal velocity of a particle in a viscometer filled with viscous fluid is given by the formula v = gd² (ρp - ρm)/ (18μ) Where v is
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Stokes theorem examples

is easy to calculate, Stokes’ theorem allows us to calculate the easier surface integral. In Example 16.7.2, we could have calculated ∬Scurl ⇀ F ⋅ d ⇀ S by calculating ∬S curl

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