Rose (mathematics)

Graphing Rose Curves You can adjust the coefficients, and of to see who they affect its graph. Trace the curve by clicking Animate. Watch as the angle goes from to . If you want to switch to a sine graph, simply click the box. You can

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Graphs of Polar Equations

Graphing a polar equation that generates a rose curve.

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Counting rose petals

Rose graph: a polar graph that has the shape of a flower with petals. The equations for roses take the form of r = asin(nθ) r = a s i n ( n θ) and r = acos(nθ) r = a c o s ( n θ) . The

Rose Curve, Limacon & Lemniscate Graphs

Explanation: The general equation to an n-petal rose is r = acosn(θ − α), where a and α are at your choice and n = 2, 3, 4, . The inserted graphs are for r = cos3θ, for a = 1 and α


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Rose Curve -

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