What is a word sentence in math

1. Two more than three When one quantity is greater than the other by a certain amount, we use the word “more” and it represents addition. 3 + 2 = 5 2. Three less than five When one quantity is smaller than the other by a

Open Sentence in Math: Definition & Example

While the word 'math' is rarely used as the first word in a sentence, the rules of capitalization still apply. If a sentence starts with 'math,' then the writer is required to begin with a capital letter.

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Number Sentence

A number sentence is a mathematical sentence made up of numbers and symbols, as shown below. The term “number sentence” is introduced at the elementary school level. However, the application of these sentences extends
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Math – Word Sentences

A number sentence is a mathematical sentence used to express various mathematical relationships, namely equality and inequality. Number sentences are made up of: Numerals

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What Is A Number Sentence? Explained For Elementary

Math - Word Sentences by: Staff The question: Using complete sentences, describe the student error in the following solution: The product of 4 and a number is 12 more than 92. What is the

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